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The Superpower Of LOVE

Compassion is a bridge that connects our heart to the heart of another and is the gateway to living life with an open heart that sees and accepts all, and excludes none.

The ego self is continually looking for ways to feel protected against being vulnerable or suffering pain. And when we “love” from this protected place, we’re unconsciously placing expectations, conditions and outcomes on how our love will be received and reciprocated by others. This brand of conditional compassion is ultimately unsustainable.

True compassion does not withhold, select or exclude; but is open and accepting of all. It’s an inherent quality of the true Self; the aspect of us that knows and understands that we’re all interconnected and a part of the same Universal family. When we LOVE from the true Self, we have no need for defensiveness or protection. The barriers and walls of judgement and fear fall away and willingness and acceptance remains. From this place, you begin to see the Sacredness in everything, compassion arises, and you see your own heart reflected within the heart of another. We are more alike than we are different.

And so how do we begin to embark on this journey of embracing?

By slowly softening layer by layer into the heart. I have found that cultivating a practice of kindness helps me to see and accept others at their level of awareness, not mine. When you realize that no-one truly knows another’s past, story or the enormity of the burden they carry within, we can begin to see one another as luminous hearts, all trying to do the best we can with what we know. Consider your kindness to be far more in service to a person or situation than your judgement, criticism, or reactive fear, that only serves to exacerbate the wound.

None of us are our past, our stories, our circumstances or our suffering. We are all divine beings with souls that long to be free and luminous hearts, that beneath the struggle, are in need of the same thing … to belong and to be loved.

Compassion is the hearts inner soft super power that is a catalyst to transform everything.

Treat others as you wish to be treated. Through the perspective of loving awareness. Allow your kindness, your smile, your open and accepting heart to be the balm that heals, the light that shines into the darkness, the LOVE that eclipses all fear. Let kindness be your vow to your own magnificent heart and to the heart of the world.

The Rx. of Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin is an Eastern Goddess and the embodiment of LOVE, mercy and compassion. She is an esteemed and highly revered Bodhisattva; meaning that she is an enlightened being and eligible for Buddhahood. Yet, she has chosen instead to stay close to Earth until all sentient beings are awakened. She hears the cries and the prayers of the suffering and responds to them with the comforting gentle power of divine LOVE. This is her sacred vow.

By inviting Kuan Yin into our daily practices, she teaches us to release any burden of the heart through the gateway of true forgiveness, and she’s a beautiful reminder for us to treat ourselves and all other beings with compassion, kindness and mercy. Kuan Yin can offer insights and guidance to access the truth and the light that resides beneath our hearts protection, defenses, burdens and wounding. All that is needed is your willingness to ask and to listen. She is known to awaken and initiate the divine truth that we are all LOVE.

As we go, so goes our world. The inner heart is a reflection and manifested in the outer heart of the world. Let us choose to go softly, kindly, compassionately with our super power of LOVE. It may very well change your life, and for certain, will transform our world.

With such big LOVE,




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