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Transition Transform Trust - Navigating with LOVE

Transitions and transformations have a tendency to bring up a surge of "all the things" emotional to the surface, as we find ourselves in the uncomfortable and unfamiliar space between what is known and unknown. This can sometimes find us lamenting over what has past, or forecasting a future that is not here, as we struggle in the pause of what is not known or seen.

Our brain's fear (not to mention our nervous system) is often in conflict with our heart’s knowing and our soul’s calling, so much so, that the suffering of not taking a step forward, becomes greater than the turmoil of our uncertain mind.

And yet, we know that nothing stands still. We understand that life is perpetually shifting, unfolding, expanding and redefining itself. And we inherently understand that we too, are part of that intrinsic universal evolutionary dance.

We can ease the discomfort that inevitably comes along with change, in surrendering our personal control over the outcome and seeing new thresholds as opportunities to strengthen our relationship with trust. Hurts and wounding of our the past and tethering ourselves to a specific place, a certain role, association or ideal, become obstacles and roadblocks that can keep us identifying or clinging to a former place in time, or a certain way of being. Over time, our emotional patterns can become well-worn and familiar grooves that hold us back from our ability to merge and flow with the natural rhythm of life and a world that is always in motion.

The first stage of any transformation is awareness. We can only change what we know. Creating room in your life for self-reflection, meditation, therapy, journaling, etc. is the foundation of self-exploration, and accessing the inner lantern of awareness that yield our own epiphanies, wisdom, insights, guidance and truth. I like to call this process lock and key. The lock is my unconscious, what is buried, repressed, denied etc. And my desire to transform that into light, to bring it into my consciousness and help me grow is my key. I am my own key. As are you.

With practice, we begin to notice and track the places where we get caught and stuck, the habits, routines and patterns influenced and shaped from our past conditioning. Recognizing that we are all a product of our conditioning is the first click of the key to unlocking ourselves from our conditioning.

Without judging any of it, we come to observe and understand that where we are is not really who we are. We simply acknowledge that we are no longer this former version of ourselves, and that we can’t move forward without first releasing the grip of what was.

This ushers in the