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Value, Honor, LOVE ... Taurus New Moon

Taurus themes center around our resources, worldly possessions, self-worth, the home, prosperity/finances and our global home. This Luna essence is peaceful, present, deeply intuitive and all knowing. Taurus creates from a place of inner quiet stillness, thrives in nature, the creative process, the mystery, the pleasures and the miracle of life.

When the moon is in Taurus, we may receive illuminations and new awareness around our financial stories, our relationship with food, our body identification, our access to resources and our relationship to mother earth.

As we shift away from the me/mine mindset, to the more expansive we/us collective picture, we will need to let our outdated, untrue, self-sabotaging stories fall away. The Divine Feminine aspect of ourself does not create from a place of lack, scarcity, competitiveness, or neediness. This essence doesn’t spend time or energy seeking the validation or approval of others, nor looks to others to define value or worth. This essence stands tall and empowered in her inherent knowning that there is always enough for all. She understands that she cannot miss what is truly for her. And is secure in the divine truth that she has always been, is, and will forever be … enough.

This aligned, authentic, awakened, heart-led way is what is required in order to merge with the elevated, uplifted universal vibration that is calling for us to heal and evolve.

New Moon is a time to imagine, vision and dwell in the realm of pure “no limits” potential. If you can dream it, you can create it. How do you honor yourself, create time for yourself and fill your own cup? Self-care like happiness, is each own our responsibility, not the work of another’s. When we take responsibility for ourselves, we reclaim ourselves.

Sustainable shifts are not possible by making surface changes; but come from a practice of checking in with ourselves, paying attention to what is true for us, taking action and showing up for ourselves and what we value. Getting intimate and curious with our body and what it’s trying to communicate and growing forwards through the steady inner work of questioning, listening, clearing, processing, shedding and healing.

Transformation comes from a vibrational shift in our energy. We literally radiate actualized change in our life from deep within.

Some ideas around how you might like to engage in Taurus Energy …

Slow down. Take the invitation to be a human “being”, rather than a perpetual human “doing”.

Reclaim your time, your attention, your creativity, your peace of mind. Create sacred boundaries around taking breaks and weekends away from your tech.

Play some music. Take a dance class. Learn how to play an instrument. Let music and movement be a portal to freedom and joy for your mind, body and spirit.