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"COSMIC Co-Pilots" - Harnessing Crystal Magic to Elevate your Life

More than just a pretty face, crystals are magically powerful and highly programmable tools that you can harness to support specific areas of your life. Consider them as Cosmic Co-pilots to help bolster your intentions and supercharge your manifestations. You can use them to release the old or call in the energy of something new. There really is no limit. Allow the nudges of your intuition, and the wonder of your curiosity to guide you.

It’s important that your crystal has been cleansed and charged before you program it (my previous blog post on Cosmic LOVE may help you determine what sounds good to you).

First, ensure that you have a clear intention for your crystal. For example, I have a beautiful cube of Icelandic Spar crystal that I've programmed to support me in all my 2018 manifestation endeavors. I keep a Rose Quartz Heart at the top of my yoga mat to embody the intention I set for my asana practice at the start of class. And I keep a piece of Rainbow Fluorite and Gold Pyrite next to my computer that has been set up to help me stay focused and on task.

You may be seeking support around some specific healing, protection, or spiritual guidance. Perhaps you want to attract more LOVE or prosperity into your life. Your desire may be to improve your home or work environment, create a self-care practice, elevate your meditation experience or embark on a new business venture. These are just a few examples where you might want to program and work with a crystal around a specific purpose.

Feel into your body and the energy your intention carries. Take some time to sit quietly with your crystal connecting with it. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just what feels appropriate for you.

When you’re ready, hold your crystal in the palm of your don-dominant hand (for most of us, this is the left). Intentionally direct your focused energy into the crystal. You may find that your third eye, heart or hand chakras begin to activate, (tingling or warming sensation) sending the information or energetic light into the crystal. Continue doing this until you intuitively sense that the crystal now holds the vibration of your intention.

I like to seal an invocation with gratitude (just as you would to a dear friend who helps/supports you in some manner).

The more you use your crystal, the more familiar and energetically attuned you will become to its unique personality, which will encourage you to utilize their magical attributes for specific intentions, affirmations and manifestations.

Most of all; have fun playing with the magic of it all and enjoy exploring this new Sacred aspect of you.

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