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Eclipse Rx. (love yourself no matter what)

The upcoming full moon/Lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25th opens up an energetic portal for us to work with that will close with a much-anticipated new moon/total Solar eclipse in Aries occurring two weeks later, on April 8th.


Eclipses magnify and highlight the astrological sign they occur in and have a tendency to reveal aspects of our self, our life and our world that are ready for our attention and participation.

Libra governs the wellness and mirroring of our relationships, partnerships, collaborations and our own dualities. Over the coming days and weeks, we can expect these areas of our lives, as well as themes around truth telling and diplomacy, equality and equity, fairness and justice to be highlighted, as well as our connections to joy, pleasure/play and children (including our own inner child).


Aries centers around the themes of initiation, creative expression, beginnings, changes, birth/rebirth, the individual self (discovery and personal growth). It’s the energy of vitality, boldness and the spark that ignites new becoming within ourselves. If Aries was a mantra it could be “to thy own self be true”.


The Libra/Aries axis feels like an important invitation into attending to our own inner misalignments and wounding as a necessary response to our own needs and healing, and, to strengthen our capacity to show up for the needs of others.

If we want to experience better relationships, more authenticity, less harm in our world, and greater systems, we really need to be in right relationship with ourselves.


Some beautiful questions to work with over the coming weeks might be.


What is being reflected back to me in my relationships?

How can I take responsibility for my own healing?

How can I be a safe space for myself and others?

What message is my body trying to communicate to me through its’ disharmony, reactions, intuition and dreams?

How can a willingness to listen, stay open, curious and vulnerable deepen my connection to my own heart and the hearts of those I hold dear?

Who can I ask to help me?

How can I be a resource of help for others?


Any new and full moon phase that accompanies an eclipse make for a powerful combination. The energy is amplified, unpredictable and supremely clarifying. I regard eclipses as a masterclass with myself as a humble student and I've experienced radical shifts, healing and important redirects as a result of standing back and taking notes (and action) on what was revealed.


I don’t engage in ritual work during eclipse season, nor do I go intentionally digging around in the shadows, but rather trust that what is for me, will make itself known.


I tend to feel the intensity of eclipses quite strongly, and because I consider my energy to be one of my prized resources, I’ll be tripling down on the self-care tools and practices that support me over the coming days and weeks. What follows is a share of some of the go-to’s I’ll be reaching for.


Shadow work = Healing = LOVE

Core wounding, past hurts, trauma. The source of our healing is not typically found in the same place as our harming, but there comes a day when not facing the thing is exacerbating the suffering. When that day comes, make your healing a priority. Ask for support. Dedicate and devote time and space for the “work”. Gather a team of safe and trusted allies (know that helpers can also be elemental, esoteric, ancestral and spiritual in nature). Take breaks from deep dive inner work to be with the ordinary and the extraordinary moments and people of your life. Gentleness, patience and compassion for your Self are enormously helpful. Don’t over-identify with your wounding. You get to define yourself and create your stories based on your truth, not your pain or the unhealed projections of others. Give yourself a lot a lot a lot of love and credit for doing the work that no-one wants (and many choose not) to do. Gifts of profound awareness, radical self-love and freedom from suffering await. You are an Alchemist and worthy of your healing and your LOVE.



In the busyness of “living life” it’s easy to let Self-Care take a back seat. Self-care looks different for everyone. In order for practices to form, strengthen and support your life, you will need to choose and keep choosing to care for yourself. There really is no short cut. A life-plan that includes healthy nutrition, daily movement, sufficient rest, that is moderately paced and anchored in your life reality (not someone else’s), takes devotion, but I promise you; the prize is everything, because you are the prize. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean you stop caring for others, but you’ll discover that everything and everyone you do care for will benefit greatly from you showing up as your best. My own self-care moves around in accordance with what my body might be needing on any given day, but regulars are yoga, hiking trails, bingo, programed water, early nights, gardening, beauty of nature, movies, poetry, the company of beautiful humans, solo time, love soup and snort laughing.


Energetic Self-Care

Any opportunity you can take to get outside; do. Nature is the “mother” and motherlode font of nourishment, nurturance, renewal and healing. Connecting to her in any capacity will do wonders to clear your mind, lift your spirit, expand your intuition and reconnect you to your own inherent energy, sacredness and miracle.


A simple, quick way to clear your energy field, is to bring your awareness to your heart’s center. In your minds’ eye, envision yourself opening up your crown chakra and inviting in cleansing clearing light (you choose the color), streaming down from above your head all the way down to your feet and into the earth. Imagine sealing your energetic field with an outline of golden light, outside of your physical body. You are your own beam of light. Your own heaven on earth.



The idea of you being both the lock and the key come to mind on the subject of boundaries. Ultimately, what you say “yes” and “no” to, is a powerful choice of where, what, how and with whom you choose to spend the resources of your energy, time, heart, and sense of joy.


Boundaries are not about keeping others out, but rather a helpful means to keep yourself centered into what you have chosen as a priority.


Crystal Rx.

Favorite Crystals I work with during moon phases and especially an eclipse season are Selenite Selenite Selenite – she is my “go to” for energetic cleansing of my physical body and environment (this crystal is next to my bed, on my desk, my altar. I use it to grid our home and my healing studio). Black Tourmaline is excellent for energetic boundaries. I love Goldsheen Obsidian for shadow work and transitioning through specific healing focuses. Green, Peach or Black Moonstone are fabulous for grounding and supporting the divine feminine essence. And finally Rose Quartz - my crystalline queen for heart healing, self-love practices and infusing my studio and our home with the radiant vibration of LOVE.


Sending us all so much encouragement, possibilities and LOVE,

Jo xx

(image taken during the October 2023 solar eclipse in Santa Fe, New Mexico)


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