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Self LOVE as Ceremony

For this ritual you’ll need a sheet of paper/or journal & pen, & a candle, a rose (flower petals or rose oil). Suggested crystals - Rose Quartz (all brands of LOVE & forgiveness) Rhodocrosite (Heart Healing) Moonstone (Intuition, Divine Feminine, Moon-time). Use this ceremony as inspiration, feel free to substitute or add whatever elements appeal & support you.

Light your candle. Dab rose oil on your pulse points and your over your heart or place your rose bloom/petals where you can enjoy their beauty. Quiet yourself & bring your attention to your heart’s center. Hear it’s beating, see it’s rise & fall, feel its miraculous rhythmic life-force of breath & spirit, & allow each inhale & exhale to soften & deeply relax you.

On your sheet of paper (or journal pages) fill the entire space with medium size hearts.

In your hearts, write something you LOVE about yourself. Something you’re seeking support with. Something you’d like to release/heal/forgive. Something that nourishes/nurtures you. Something new you’d like to invite into your heart. Continue filling in the hearts until your entire being is filled with LOVE.

When you’re finished, read them back to yourself. Inbetween each one, take a moment to close your eyes & envision yourself fulfilling each promise to your Self, notice how they make you feel, see them come alive in your minds eye, as though they have already manifested in your life. Call in your whole Self LOVE.

You may like to imagine wrapping your entire being in a soft, pink, compassionate energetic light, sealing your ceremony with gratitude, peace & harmony.

When you’re ready, consciously shift out of this inner heart temple, empowered by your ability to create & invoke this deep level of healing, tending & LOVE seed planting for yourself. Become aware of your breath & the beating rhythm of your heart as your bring your attention back into your physical body & the room. Blow out your candle. Take a few moments to move & connect to the earth to ground yourself.

Keep your LOVE note to self in a place where you’ll see it & be reminded of your intentions & your choosing of your Self.

“Love is the bridge between you and everything else”. (Rumi)

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