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March Mantra

"When we LOVE, we always strive to become better than we are" (From "The Alchemist").

The collective cosmic mantra for March is to take the “Next Step”. The energy is one of forward momentum, new chapters, elevated language, creative expression & trusting the unknown.

Instinctively, we tend to get nervous when navigating transitions & the unknown, because we’re not in control of the process. But when we’re expanding & stepping up in new ways, clinging to the same way of doing things will ultimately not cut it & inevitably create suffering, keep us stuck, or worse still … paralyze us in fear.

In my experience, whenever I’ve been shifting in a new direction or embarking on a new life chapter (up leveling in some way), there tends to be this moment of retraction after the initial leap. It’s almost as though the heart announces, “yes, we’re doing this”, & then the mind catches up & chimes in with it’s fearful “are you kidding me, we can’t possibly do this”.

To remind myself that a certain amount of resistance, doubt, & anxiety come along for the ride when taking courageous action on my dreams, helps me tremendously. As they say, “if it doesn’t scare you, it isn’t real”. Taking a step back from the situation. Spending time in nature. Reconnecting to my why & sometimes a vulnerable share with a trusted heart is usually all it takes to correct my course. Asking myself the question “what would LOVE do?” and then choosing that will always put fear in its proper place ... which is anywhere but in charge.

Keeping a curious “beginner’s mindset” & choosing to be excited, optimistic & open to new possibilities have helped me to trust myself & embrace the adventure of change.

Healthy boundaries will help you create the space & time to self-care, create & fulfill your own needs this month. With Aries (“me first”) energy arriving later in the month, we’ll have an opportunity to take responsibility for our own needs. No one can take your “next step” for you, & we can’t take it for another. We each have our own work to do. Learning the practice of “no thank you” may just be our best ally in March. Observe any worth or value stories you may be running around disappointing others & consider instead to see yourself as someone who can inspire others to choose themselves too. Take some time this month connecting to your joy, your self-care, and your dreams & taking “next steps” towards them.

You can take the energetic theme of taking the “next step” into any area of your life that feels ready. Perhaps that means taking your relationship to the next level. What truths are wanting to be spoken? Sharing what you’re craving (more connection, deeper intimacy, more solo time to nourish your individual needs, an adventure together, commitment, trust, honest communication) et al.