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Balancing The Scales

With a current moon phase in Libra, the recent fall equinox & the shifting of the seasons into fall, the month of October invites us to make a pot of tea & reflect on our relationship with all, beginning with the relationship we have with our Self. Cosmic energy is supporting our willingness to sift through & take stock of our friendships, our love relationships, our families, our businesses, our communities, our homes & our finances & identify where they feel harmonized or mis-aligned.

Situations, energies, relationships, or behaviors that feel wonky or unreasonable can be brought back into balance by speaking up about your feelings, redefining our roles, creating new or stronger boundaries, harnessing your feminine essence, making room for self-care, & if need be; gently releasing the things that are holding you back from your worth, your potential & your truth.

A few ideas to explore this month in support of up-leveling your relationships, inviting balance & harmony into the areas of your life that feel lopsided, getting curious about stories & reacquainting yourself with Self-Care...

Move your body – Walk, dance, rollout your mat. Exercise is an excellent grounding practice for balancing & harmonizing your mind, physical body & spirit. It releases stress, boosts our inner good juju, connects us to how our body is constantly communicating to us & lays the foundation for healthy choices.

Let nature be your nurture – Getting outdoors has to be the ultimate reset button for us to harmonize our senses & renew our spirit. Nature gently guides us home to our own inherent natural rhythm. Nourish your being with the miraculous “presence” & breathtaking beauty of nature to calm your mind & gladden your heart. Taking mini 5-minute nature breaks throughout your day to get outside, unplug, to listen, feel, smell & see the magic that surrounds you is a simple & free resource to feed your soul.

Create Sacred Space – Your home is the castle in your kingdom. Have nothing in your space that doesn’t perform a function or delight your heart. Harness & redirect any anxious energy into taking action on purging & pampering your home. Open windows, sage your space. Buy fresh flowers, create an altar, gather & share your bounty with those you adore.

Money Stories – Check in with them. What comes up for you when you think of being prosperous; secure in your ability to provide for yourself? Are any misaligned feelings founded in fear, lack & scarcity? Get curious about where those stories come from? Consider if they reflect YOUR own beliefs, perspective, & experiences, or are they something projected from others, or passed down to you via the ancestral baton. Are they actually true for you? And, what would you like your new prosperity language to feel & sound like? With Libra in the cosmic house, it’s an ideal time to shift away from scarcity to abundance. You are more than worthy!

Reclaiming your Self – Often too much togetherness can lead to neediness, depletion, resentment & disempowerment & a blurred sense of self. In LOVE relationships, reflecting on the unique qualities that attracted us to our partners in the beginning, then truthfully checking in to assess how much of our own needs are getting tended & honored is a great place to begin. Remembering that our “others” are never responsible for our own happiness, or pursuing & fulfilling our dreams. Just as we are never responsible for the inner journey of another. Create a sacred boundary around what is important to you. Take time to connect to your joy, nurture your interests, your passions, your dreams, your creativity & your personal expansion. Tend your Self. Self-abandonment is a heart-break like none other.

Converse with LOVE – Spend some time asking your heart “how it wants to be loved”? Ask your higher Self for guidance on how you can be kinder, softer, truer, to yourself, then follow it’s instructions. Your heart is your sacred sanctuary. Seek to be it’s divine & compassionate guardian. The level & quality of your own self-worth & self-care is the energetic mirror you hold up for others to reflect back to you. Share your needs with your partners. Begin to teach them how you desire to be LOVED by choosing to honor & respect yourself.

Our Tribes – Gather, Connect, Co-Create, Delegate & most importantly, reach out for help. We are all a part of one other. No-one but no-one has it all figured out. Everyone has their shadows, their soul lessons & their own personal mountain to climb. People are not our projects, “work in progress”, or broken. I truly believe that underneath every projection, attack, criticism, condemnation, or manipulation is a human deeply struggling to be their truth. Let’s attempt to meet the world with compassion in our hearts.

In the tarot journey, Libra is symbolized by the Justice Card. A card of decisions & karma. Justice speaks to our mind, our intellect & our intuition. Our superpower is the choices we make. All our choices influence & shape our lives on some level, & the lives of those around us. We are constantly contributing to the energetic cords that tether us to our relationship with all, either strengthening & flourishing, or weakening & hampering those connections. The universal karmic wheel of life is the divine justice that helps us to keep our score.

The highest solution (that has never failed me) I can offer up is this … when it comes to choosing, LOVE wins every time.

As we go, so goes the world. Let’s choose to go with LOVE.

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