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Create Your Reality - Your Inner Alchemist

An Alchemist is someone who actively engages with their imagination, intentions and innate talents and gifts to make something from nothing. To gather and harness a number of materials, elements and forces and simultaneously transform and manifest them into a form; be that a situation, a relationship, an aspect of the self, or a physical, tangible creation.

A layering, a mixing, a merging of the mystical and the physical.

Traditionally, Alchemists sought to make gold from a lesser metal. When met with challenges, or adversity, an alchemist trusts that they behold the power to rise above the level of the base and grow, expand and transform into the noble. The Alchemist understands that everything they need to begin is already within. They see the hope, the possible within in a seemingly hopeless or impossible situation. They see the butterfly within the caterpillar. The healer within the wounded. The sacred within the mundane. This is the essence and the lens of the Alchemist. Not thwarted by the magnitude of the mountain that stands before them, but assured and trusted in the knowledge that no-one gets a mountain taller than their ability to ascend it.

I like to think of us all as Alchemists in our own unique and magical way. Each and everyone of us are filled with innovation, hope, ideas, possibility, dreams, innate golden gifts and a deep desire to meld those together with our own true essence and despite fear, challenge and obstacle ... channel them into existence. Each of us conduits, channels, vessels for poems, musical scores, art, innovation, healing, bread, love, the literal miracle of new life and the sacred. Each of us too are keepers of both the locks and the keys that liberate them. We are our greatest potential awaiting our attention and devotion.

Alchemic “GOLD” may appear or express itself in these ways:

Flashes of awareness

Newfound awe and wonder of the self, life, cosmos

Longing/Yearning/Deep Desire

True imagination

Inherent talents, gifts, adroitness

Emotional, dream and intuitive intelligence

Breath, life-force, Prana, Shakti

The invisible trail of curiosity and thread of trust

A deep sense of knowing

A desire to merge the individual with the universal

An idea remains an idea until the moment we act upon it. A dream can only become reality with attention, intention and devotion. We have to be prepared to go beyond the fantasy, and breath life into what already loves us if we want to hold the reality of our deepest desires in our hands.

"Remember, that where your heart is, there you will find your treasure".

Paulo Coelho - Author of "The Alchemist")


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