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Eclipse Season - Portal to Potential

Eclipses are like cosmic sliding doors, in that they support opening and closing, beginning and ending cycles. They offer a boost of amplified energy that have a way of bringing heightened awareness to our patterns, habits and the areas of our lives that are needing our attention and LOVE. And, they can be extremely supportive for leveraging profound epiphanies, breakthroughs, initiations, emotional healing and transformations.

This week, on Wednesday April 19th at 9:30pm (PST) we have a solar eclipse with a new moon in Aries (our second new moon in Aries in a row) that opens a cosmic window into themes around our personal agency, our needs, desires, sense of self and balancing the ego. So … we have a new moon - representing new beginnings, seed planting and fresh starts. In Aries - the sign of new chapters, rebirth, our identity, new creative expressions, taking action, moving forwards, green lights and choosing something significant in a compelling manner. It’s the energy of the acorn that becomes the oak tree, the spark that lights the fire, or starting out on a new, important quest. When a lunar cycle is accompanied with an Eclipse, the energy can feel intensified. Aspects of ourselves or areas of our lives that have felt previously distorted, hidden, shadowy, or "just out of reach" (in other words, things we may have unconsciously stored away, denied or hidden) are more apt to be flooded with clarity and light (brought into our consciousness. Even though this process can often feel activating and uncomfortable, we can remind ourself that discomfort is a natural reaction when faced with something we can't control or fully understand. But a willingness to courageously "go there", hand in hand with a level of tender gentleness, leverages immense gold in terms of newfound awareness, reconciliation, reclaiming, healing, and a new way forward; equipped with a deeper understanding and expanded perspective. Whilst I don’t engage with manifestation or ritual work during an actual eclipse event, I do look to the duration of these portals with the intention to pay attention and be present for what is being reflected both within me and around me. And to accept, investigate and process what is revealed (I also don’t go intentionally digging around, but rather trust that what is for me, will make itself known). Any time and in whatever form we take to tend to our inner realm and sift through what is working and what is not, what is ours and what is not, what is aligned for us and what is not, brings us closer to our own truth and our pure essence. This in turn, helps us to make new, informed choices that shift our experiences and create future realities that represent our potential and what is possible. When I look back on journal entries from past eclipse seasons I am reminded of the potent energy they bring. I can always point to some former area of my self or my life arising and ultimately alchemizing itself into something significantly valuable and oftentimes transformational. Helpful self-care tools and practices for an eclipse season can look like daily walks in nature, evening dry brushing, salt/sugar scrub showers or epsom salt bath soaks, journaling, Tarot readings, gentle yoga, comforting meals, programmed crystal Rx waters, crystal/energy healing, lymphatic massage, a gratitude attitude, extra rest whenever possible and most importantly a patient, gentle and compassionate holding of the heart. Favorite Crystals I work with are Selenite Selenite Selenite for energetic cleansing of body and physical spaces (I keep spheres of Selenite bedside and on my desk, and, where ever I’m journaling/processing). Black Tourmaline for energetic boundaries. Goldsheen Obsidian (journaling, place under pillow for sleeping). Green, Peach or Black Moonstone for supporting divine feminine essence. Rose Quartz for infusing my physical space and also heart healing. (Head to the online shop page for more details and to shop many of these crystalline tools). If you have specific questions around navigating eclipse energy, I am happy to share and would love to learn about your practices too. I am starting a new Newsletter feature called "LOVE Matters" as a way to offer perspective and expand these conversations of the heart to benefit us all. Featured responses will be noted as anonymous, unless you prefer to be named. Feel free to share this message with your own female circles. I truly believe that we are at our most magnificent and powerful when we gather together in LOVE. Thank you. Jo xx


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