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"Emergence" - A Moon Ritual For Your Future Self

This weekend we have a full moon in Aries to support themes of initiations, new beginnings, taking aligned action, releasing misalignments, personal expansion, creative expression, embracing our personal power, knowing and trusting the Self, and focusing on the value of our inner gifts and expressing them in our own unique way.

As an Aries Sun and Aries Moon, this time of year always feels extra magical for me, and I'm sharing a favorite moon ritual that I love to perform under the Hunter Moon. I hope it supports (or perhaps even initiates) your own moon practice and I'd dearly love to hear how it resonated with you if you have a moment to share your experience. Connecting through heart talk and the moon is my absolute love language.

For This Ritual You’ll Need

Solo time to get quiet and listen deeply

A Journal/pen

Separate sheet of paper

A candle

Flame-proof bowl/container

Favorite Crystal

Anything else that feels personal/sacred to you (flowers, essential oil, tarot/oracle deck, incense, herb smoke, hot tea etc.)

Spend time over the coming days when the moon is at her fullest and the energy at its most potent. Ideally, this ritual would be done outside, under the luminous Hunter Moon, but anywhere that feels magical and quiet to you is just perfect.


Light your candle.

Call in the energy of the High Priestess (triple Goddess and keeper of the feminine mysteries and the Moon), along with any other favorite archetypes or guides, elements, ancestors etc.

Place your hand on your heart and intentionally shift your awareness away from the concerns of the external world and your thinking mind and turn inwards, connecting with the inner home and temple of the heart. You can do this via a brief meditation, repeating a mantra, listening to some beautiful soothing music or breath work etc.

Bring to mind a version or an aspect of yourself you’re ready to become and deeply imagine, envision this “you” that is a couple of steps ahead of where you find yourself.

What does she believe is possible for her? How does she honor and value her own worth, her time, her gifts, her energy? How does she love herself? How does she love others? What does her relationship with the planet feel like? What stories has she redefined? What inner work has supported her shifts and transformations? What supports, resources or replenishes her? Who and what is on her team? How does she love to spend her time? What does she feel passionate about? How does she stay in her center, in her truth? What does she want to embody and represent in the world? How does she tend her heart, her healing, her passions, her dreams?

Tune in and listen deeply. What comes up for you? What glimpses do you catch sight of? Write them down in your journal and when you feel complete, read them out loud as an offering, a prayer, a love-note to the luminous Hunter Moon and to your own majestic heart.

A full moon is also a beautiful opportunity to support any releasing work. On your sheet of paper, write down any completions, habits, beliefs, chapters or ways of being that feel ready to end. Fold or roll up your list and use the candle flame to set it alight, using the heat-proof bowl to catch the embers as you witness the surrendering. Bury the cooled ashes into the earth as an offering of gratitude for what was.

If it’s in your practice, pull cards to support your ritual. Program your crystal to carry the energy of your emerging self. Ask any helpers or guides to support you in your rebirth.

Blow out your candle and take some time to sit in the energy of this powerful lunation, the High Priestess and your intentions. Sit alongside this future version of yourself, taking note of how she makes you feel. Send gratitude and love to yourself and your allies.

Keep your journal close to your heart. Refer to it over the coming days, weeks and future moon cycles. When you feel guided or prompted, take action to move in her direction, taking note of and releasing any unsupportive aspects that keep you from embracing your pure magnificence and beautiful unfurling.

With such big and beautiful love.

Jo x


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