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Future Selfing - New Moon in Sagittarius 12.3.21

Friday’s new moon arrives in the dead of night. It’s the final new moon cycle of 2021, in culmination with the closing of a powerful and illuminating eclipse portal, and a chance for us to hold dear to our own heart. A Sagittarius moon reflects our adventuresome, spontaneous, magnanimous and spiritual aspects. It heightens our desire to explore our inner mystery, seek out and share our deepest truths, and explore our cosmic “why”.

This Luna phase may find us more philosophically minded than usual, reflecting on life’s grander picture, conversing with the inner knowing that whispers “there’s more of you/more for you”, and contemplating what we want to represent and our contribution to the collective family.

Sagittarius rules the mind and spirit. It’s a fire element, a symbol of the celestial archer; the Goddess Diana/Artemis and the essence is expansive, creative, purposeful, focused and optimistic. An extremely potent elixir for “lid off the box” type thinking, a solution-seeking mindset, and shimmering with pure potential. This is an energy ideal for hanging out with your future self, for embracing your love for experience and learning, and getting clear and lucid on how and where you want to “take aim” and direct your precious energy.

Over the coming days, spend some quiet time connecting to your higher mind, your heart’s intelligence and your soul’s whispers. Turn down the static and noise of the world. Dwell in nature. Remind yourself that you and your beautiful dreams are all a piece of the Universal web of wonderment, just as vital and magical as the stars, birds, flowers, and sunrises. This luna phase is alchemic medicine for sitting in our truths with a renewed acceptance and grace, understanding that ultimately, we are each responsible for our own happiness, and fulfillment. How are you taking care of your own needs? Does your heart feel cared for? Your body supported? Do your unique gifts and what you value most have a seat at your own table? Do you trust and believe in yourself? What truth feels ready to be acknowledged, reclaimed, embraced, expressed, or healed and how can you support the first step?

Live your life with the inherent truth of knowing that everything you need is already within. Our life-time work is to continually examine and peel away the layers of all that is not our truth to reveal more and more of our essence, the true Self. The sacred aspect of us that has always, is now, and will forever be, perfect and whole.

The bedrock of manifestation is our mindset, perspective and the energy that fuels our desires, intentions and actions. Focusing on the end goal (what it is we’re wanting to happen) or having whatever “perfect” thing we think will make us feel finally okay may motivate our aspirations and give us what our ego craves, but outsourcing that ideal and energy on the external and from a place of fear or lack is temporary and unsustainable, and only serves to undermine and diminish our own personal power.

The last two weeks have had us journeying through a potent eclipse portal, giving us invitations to be with the profound depths of ourselves. You may also have caught glimpses of what awaits on the other side of radical clearing and completing what is not coming along with you.

Set some time aside to sit with your new moon intentions. Light a candle, grab your crystals and favorite essential oil, or whatever practice feels meaningful and supportive to you. Cast a sacred circle for yourself and shift your awareness to your heart. Set an intention to connect to your most expanded awareness and see if you can sense a subtle shift in your body’s energy as you sit down beside the part of you that is all seeing, all knowing, and all loving … your True Self.

Ask of your Self what it is you truly desire to experience more of. And rather than it be a goal or a “thing” to achieve or attain, think in terms of the energetic quality that your desire rides upon ... LOVE, Healing, Connection, Communication, Empowerment, Abundance, Trust, Courage, etc. Once you have your over-arching theme/s; let’s take LOVE as an example, get curious about all the layers and expressions of LOVE … acceptance, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, softness, patience etc. Diving deeper, you can begin to see that LOVE is not just limited to something to give, or get, but is an energetic vibration we can begin to cultivate, summon and invoke by choosing it again and again in both magical and practical ways. Over time, this builds, strengthens and becomes a foundation we can build our lives upon. In time, we will begin to become living manifestations of the very thing we’re desiring to experience.

What will you choose? Where will it take you? In the wise words of Mary Oliver ... "What will you do with your one, precious life"?

Aim true and from the Heart.

With so much LOVE to your courageous unfurling and your beautiful dreams coming true.

Jo xx

Photo credit (Felipe Simo)


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