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New LOVE Stories

The planet Venus has been in a retrograde transit since July 22nd and today, Venus stations direct and slowly begins to move forwards, continuing her journey with Leo until October 10th.

Back in July, I shared a blog on how the Venusian themes of LOVE, all relationships, money/abundance, pleasure, the arts, creative expression, self-worth, our personal values and the feminine were all being highlighted for a summers-long review, reflection and revision (the invitation of all retrogrades).

Since early June, Venus has been traveling with Leo; centering matters of the heart, inner strength, personal power, self-mastery and the courage to be true. Venus in Leo asks us for our heart’s desire, to be proud of who we are, and to show up for what we value most.

This moment of transitioning from retrograde to direct provides a cosmic pause and astrological leg up; an assessment of mining the gold of what we’ve been shown, to take note of what is working and what is not.

This entire week is an assist and a shift - away from the processes of reflection and review, and into the phases of centering and integration. A week of rewriting new narratives, a reprogramming, recoding, to lay the foundation and support what’s next, based on what has been illumed and clarified.

Being our best and expecting the best in our relationships.

Boundaries and communication around what we’re not available for.

New standards in relationships based on self-worth versus self-sacrifice.

Being proud to be ourselves versus comparison.

People, places, pursuits that feel like love, joy, fascinating, supportive, true.

Heart centered connection and belonging versus gossip, drama, judgement.

Taking ownership of one’s needs, self-care, healing, heart and happiness.

Decisions anchored in awareness, discernment, intuitive intelligence.

Centering our value, what we contribute - versus transactional interactions.

Reimagined possibilities around prosperity, abundance, investment, sustainable resources.

Creativity – What feels potent, inspiring or ripe for an up-leveling?

LOVE relationships built upon the depth and breadth of the LOVE we hold for ourselves.

This Venus Retrograde has been illuminating my female relationships, in particular around parting ways with ancient forms of bonding and “belonging” that in truth; separate rather than uplift. Profound witnessing in client sessions (maiden, mother and crone). Clarity around future offerings. Centering generosity, kindness, delight and complete presence as tenants for how I do everything. Redefining rest, energetic self-care (energy and time as prized resources), Analog life (more) tech (less). Sustainable pace (refusing to rush). Home and nature as sanctuary. Deeper Still into LOVE.

What have you noticed and how can you begin to integrate your awareness into wisdom through choice, commitment and everyday practice? What new LOVE stories are ready to be written? What new LOVE stories are waiting to be lived?

With so much love,

Jo x

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