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Refuge Moon

Virgo moon energy centers around themes of discernment, boundaries, prayer, witnessing, solo time, tying up loose ends, our resources and the invitation of a sacred review of what has passed, what is here, and what awaits.


This full moon is a beautiful time to be present with the gift of this cosmic threshold and reflect on all that we are, all that we are healing, all that we are transforming and all that is possible.


There’s such power in acknowledging, naming, and honoring our whole human-ness. Witnessing our fear as well as our joy, our grief in union with our devotion, our trespasses balanced with our forgiveness.


Being with “what is” and marveling at the capacity of what the human heart can hold and know is “soft power” in action.


I find that working with the archetypal essence of the Hermit is wonderful for inner resourcing for imagining, and especially helpful for matters of discernment and navigating truths and transitions. The Hermit represents two directions (the inner and the outer aspects of ourselves). It is the teacher, the guide, the dispenser of insights and wisdom. Through creating opportunities to set aside the daily concerns of the outer world, the Hermit is able to access and harness the resources within.

This archetype is an exceptional ally for creating and upholding sacred boundaries around bodies of creative work, for supporting seasons of transformative healing, and for connecting our intuitive dots that lead us onto newfound awareness and deeper knowings.


The Hermit reminds us to be curious about ourselves, to pay attention to what’s beneath, to walk with our questions in order to better understand our needs, our values, our truths and ultimately come to live with the gold of our answers.


The Hermit can also be represented in those who light the way for others. A teacher, a mentor, a wise family member, a dear, and trusted friend. The ones we seek out when we need help in making sense of ourselves; to have a truth reflected back to us.


Like the ancient tenants of trees in the forest, owls that call out in night, the moon that illuminates the path forward; nature also holds us and reminds us that we’re not alone. We are held, supported, guided and all a part of this wild and wonderful web of precious life together.


If nothing else, take some time to sit with yourself in the light of the moon over the coming evenings. Be with the fullness of your being. Sit alongside your mystery, your magic, your magnificence. Cultivate a relationship with stillness. With quietude. With deep compassionate listening. With the oracle of your miraculous body. With your quiet power. With hope. And with LOVE.

Big Love, Always

Jo xx


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