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Relationship Rx. (A read and ritual for the Full Moon)

The mirror or our relationships is one of our greatest resources for finding clues, discovering newfound awareness, insight and guidance around our own needs. Our closest relationships will often reflect back to us our misalignments and where we need to awaken, tend, heal and grow aspects of ourselves. What we see in another can often be a tripwire to our default reactions; the shadow side (aka our unconscious self) of our projections, misalignments and all the ways we deny, abandon or sabotage parts of ourselves.

Relationships can offer us massive invitations into trust, deep listening, compassion, courage, authenticity and vulnerability, to name but a few.

The relationship we have with ourself is the gold standard for the all of the relationships we have with others and really all of life. We cannot change the way in which others show up for themselves or their life, but we can 100% harness that attention and influence into how we want to show up for ours. The more we invest in exploring, tending and expanding our Self, the richer, more fulfilling our relationship with all becomes. The inner reflects the outer and vice versa.

Getting curious about ourselves, exploring our interests, unpacking our stories, identifying our intrinsic needs and values, taking responsibility for our dreams, healing and truth is radical self-love embodied. Any and all investment not only serves every aspect of your life, but also pays out dividends in your relationships with others. Simply put, a better you, makes for a better everything you do.

To know who you are, and to be the expression of that truth is the work of our lifetime. I often think to embrace, care for and choose our own heart is to say “yes” to desiring and experiencing the very best of ourselves and then sharing that gift with the world.


You will need a journal or composition book (ideally devoted to this practice)

Something to write with

Solo time to reflect

Feel free to make this ritual as sacred or as simple as you like or have time for.

On the first page of your journal/notebook write out these Relationship types:






Spirituality/Soul Self



Resources (inner and outer)



The World/Community/Your Environment/Planet

On a scale of 1-5 (5 feeling connected, aligned, couldn’t be better) and (1 feeling disconnected, disharmonious, difficult), reflect upon and truthfully rate, without judgement, the categories above in terms of where you find yourself currently in your relationship with ... (eg. the Self).

You can journal, draw, collage meditate etc. around any feelings, ideas, visions and goals that come up for you.

During this full moon and over each full moon lunation, spend time revisiting, acknowledging, exploring, journaling about each of these relationships; either in order, or by zeroing in on the relationships that feels heightened and present for you.

See if you can come up with one or two action steps that could re-align, support, grow the potential, or deepen the intimacy of said relationship and then commit to following through (preferably during the energetic support of the full moon phase which is generally the day prior, day of and day post the full moon lunation).

Try to start and end your year with the relationship you have with your Self. This is an incredibly profound way to witness your unfurling, transformations and shifts.

“You are the one you’ve been waiting for”.


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