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The LOVE In the Room

This week, with thoughts of LOVE on the minds and in the hearts of so many, I share my own musings as a “what if” conversation around my very favorite subject ... LOVE.

It occurs to me that with the gift of a new day, we are each given a domain, a “room” of sorts in which to show up for. For some, that room is a physical space; a home, a classroom, a doctor’s office, a shop, an office or a cafe. For others the room is a family, friendships, pets, a business, a blog, a job et al. Your room could be a community garden, the stewardship of an entire forest, a constituency, a vocation, an offering, or a calling.

Reflect for a moment on the rooms in your life.

What and who you say “yes” to, has a ripple effect that shape and create your relationships, roles, responsibilities and life. And how you choose to show up for it all is your agency; your personal power. Choices. When you choose to show up with LOVE as your intention, your choice becomes a superpower.

Each and every day, you get the opportunity to be the LOVE in the room. With every act of kindness, smile, heartfelt “thank you”, apology, generosity, uplifting word, forgiveness or compassionate thought, you are infusing the “room” and all that dwells within it, with the frequency of LOVE.

I believe this practice to be a most excellent use of a heart and of a lifetime. I believe that these matters of Humanity and LOVE are callings for the Collective. I feel this way of being in the world is to bring truth, meaning, healing and value to all of life. And I believe that this work of a lifetime begins with each of us tending to our inner “rooms” and removing the layers of all that covers the LOVE within. When we show up for ourselves in this way, the impact is immediate and transformative. Over time, this inner work; our intentions, actions and devotion becomes the embodiment of the LOVE we wish to experience in the world. The heartbeat of the Self reverberating the frequency of LOVE out into the home of the global family.

The world is made up of all of us. How we participate and what we contribute affects the whole. When we choose to be kind, to care, to see the goodness and the sacredness in all; we become a human in our most exalted state; meaning we live as an expression of our true essence and potential.

The despair and suffering in the world and our home planet is in urgent need of our help.

If exalted is the ultimate goal. If LOVE is the way, the how and the why; then the path from here to there becomes the practice and the process. Our choices become the steps. The “rooms” become the opportunities and we become agents of radical LOVE in action.

For sure, I am and have always been an eternal optimist. Simply put, I believe in us and I believe in the transformative alchemy of LOVE. Unite those two forces and I truly believe we are capable of anything and everything we set our magnificent minds and luminous hearts to.

We are truly the ones we’ve been waiting for.

If you made it this far, I thank you for reading. If you choose to choose LOVE in some small, medium or large way, today and all your tomorrows, I thank you and LOVE you.

And Happy Valentines' Day.

Jo xx


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