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The "More" of You - Pisces Invitations

The current Pisces energy, both Luna and Solar can feel extremely potent and supportive relating to themes around our emotional patterns, our spiritual practices, soul lessons, endings and completions of cycles, family/ancestry, breaking chains, harnessing intuition and the following the intelligence of our dreams.

Pisces is the final sign in the zodiacal wheel of the year and invites us into a sacred review of our foundational beliefs and our personal truths. It longs for us to dream, to imagine what is possible for ourselves and for our world, to dive deeper into our knowings and harness awareness to reveal new aspects and expressions of ourselves so that we may learn, heal and grow forwards. Take some time to float in this energy, to sit in audience with your inner nudges and hearts whispers. To intently listen to the messages that are surfacing from the depths of your subconscious and lean into the inherent wisdom they carry. I feel that the energy of Pisces is something of a homecoming. Often depicted as two fish swimming in opposition from one another, yet remaining together. For me personally, this symbolizes the human self and the soul self and the lifelong dance between the two. Pisces beholds the invitation to notice our stories, our patterning and our inner and external contradictions as the almighty Intel towards reconciliation and bringing ourselves into alignment as one completely magical, magnificent, miraculous and actualized being … a vessel, a bridge, an expression, a channel for LOVE.

New moons are clean slates. Energetic resets. Potent times for reflecting on our yesterdays and planting seeds for our tomorrows. This week is ideal for embarking on a field study of the Self and noticing what in our lives flows with ease and what does not. Set intentions to pay attention, to stay curious, follow and trust what feels aligned and true and begin the practice of questioning what feels constricted, stagnant, past due, or not even yours.

There are certain times in our lives where we set out on a quest, a journey in search of a certain “something” we intuitively sense we need to understand, experience or become on a deep soul level.

Perhaps this comes in response to a familiar feeling that something is missing from our lives. That there is an aspect of ourselves that feels neglected, unexpressed, forgotten, stolen or lost. We may have caught a glimpse of something on our horizon; a flash of destiny on its way to us. A sense of change upon the wind. A whispering voice that calls us to come closer, or a series of seemingly “random” (yet something tells us they’re not random) events that awaken a curiosity and stir an imagining deep within.

We often shut down these inner yearnings, silence the inner voice, ignore the signs. We resist and meet our intuitive intelligence with judgement, mistrust or business, because we’ve been conditioned to follow the familiar path, the planned life, the expectations and preferences of the world, and an inner conflict between head and heart ensues as we overrule our curiosity with logic, silence our whispers, or shut down our intuition.

I feel that this is deeply self-harming. It keeps us separated from our innate wisdom, our souls knowings and in some cases our true callings.


Begin to create regular time and space to visit yourself. This could be a quiet stroll in nature, a meditation practice, or simply closing your eyes and connecting to the rhythm of your inhales and exhales.

Our human self has thousands of questions and our own unique answer book is available to each of us via the portal of the soul Self. All that is required of us, is to be willing to show up for the conversation.

Intentionally shift your awareness from the thinking mind to the feeling heart (placing your hands on your heart can sometimes help). You may sense a slight shifting in your energy that lets you know you’ve tuned into a different and deeper layer of yourself. Take a few moments to familiarize and acquaint yourself with this sacred corner of your inner realm.

Imagine opening a doorway into your soul’s chamber and take a seat besides your Self. Your soul Self knows everything about your human self and far far beyond. It knows where you’ve been, where you’re headed, is intimately aware of your gifts, talents, passions, and callings. It is all loving, all knowing. It does not judge or pressure you. It’s a beautiful, compassionate, wise and benevolent listener with a universal wellspring of knowledge, insights and guidance that’s all about you you know yourself to be and the "more of you".

Sit across from this divine loving essence of yourself, ask your question and await your answer. This may arrive in the form of words, images, colors, instructions, inspiration, an idea, or a resonant knowing. Keep listening and tuning into the responses, asking more questions if that feels appropriate.

This inner dialogue is really the beginning of a relationship with your true Self; the Sacred or Divine aspect of you that resides within each of us. Like all relationships, the more you engage, the stronger the connection, the faster the downloads, the more intimate you become with your whole Self.

Love, Always

Jo xx

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