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"The Year of the Chariot"

2023 (2+0+2+3=7) in Tarot terms is a 7 year. The year of “The Chariot”.

There are a multitude of invitations and initiations synonymous with this Archetype that include the integration of wisdom, transformative healing, journeys of all natures, movement/navigation, taking new directions, warrior energy, self-mastery, reflecting upon our desires and aligning them with what truly motivates us, showing up, stepping into our gifts, truths, value and unique offerings and growing forward.

Gulp ... no big thing!!

Chariot work calls for our inner strength, a rallying of the full spectrum of our intelligence (awareness, body wisdom, intuition, critical thinking, creative expression etc.), our will (and our willingness), our clarity, visions, resilience, dedication and participation.

"Buy The Ticket. Take The Ride". (Leonard Cohen)

In Tarot, 2022 was the year of “The Lovers”. Overarching themes of relationships, of all kinds, communication and making choices (illusion/reality, head/heart, trespasses/empowerment, passion/responsibility and decisions/consequences) were some of the players that took to the stage in our lives and in the world.

If the last 2-3 years have helped us to reflect upon and redefine what we truly value, what we want to represent, what care and community looks and feels like, our sense of individual and collective belonging, and what it means (and what is required) to be in right relationship with ourselves, each other and our planet, then 2023 is a year to actively choose, prepare ourselves and move forward; integrating those illuminations and golden lessons into new ways of being.

Often depicted by a person (the Charioteer) being pulled by two animals (generally horses, which represent the energy of motivation, personal will, determination, wildness and momentum). The Chariot is the essence in which you travel along life’s journey. It’s both the how and the why of what you say “yes” to, the process as the path, the ebb and flow of an unfolding journey and the practices and resources that support you along the way.

If your body was the vessel that carried you through this year (and lifetime), how would you wish it to be honored, uplifted and resourced? If your heart was the forever home, the sanctuary, the sacred temple that made you feel welcomed, cared for, uplifted and nurtured … how would your self-love, self-care and self-talk elevate? If your desires, your gifts, your personal power of choice were the motivations tha