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Expect Delight or Expect Delays

Have you ever considered how your “Take On The World”; your perspective, your attitude may actually be influencing your reality? Would you (and others) describe you as a glass half empty or a glass spilleth-over kind of person? Do you greet your life as a wondrous gift, or tolerate it as a daily struggle?

Are you an “Expect Delighter” or do you “Expect Delays”?

Our feelings feed our thoughts and our inner dialogue, which become our intentions, words, and actions. If these feelings, thoughts etc. are positive, the energy of our actions are fueled with a positive/high vibration. Likewise; if we feel and think negatively, the energy of our actions will ride on a negative/lower vibration. As intuitive beings, we can naturally sense if we're in the company of someone that's rippling out "high" versus "low" energy, as their wow or their woe is something we feel, and it has the ability to affect the way we feel too. Consider what kind of a person you'd want around you when life presents a challenge. Someone who's going to underscore how hard and unfair and impossible it all seems? Or someone that will bring hope, confidence and creative solutions to the table? If you want to invite an epic Love relationship into your life, it won't serve you by thinking that there’s no-one good out there for you. Or, to apply for a dream job whilst convincing yourself you'll never get it. This mindset is to “Expect Delays”. Your negativity lowers the vibration of your energy. To "Expect Delight" would be to put your best self forward and trust that life is unfolding to support your next step.

Hang with the naysayers, focus on all the things that could go wrong, declare something is hopeless or impossible, and it will be so. Your fear, negativity, judgments, and self-doubt will serve neither you, nor any of us, because this low vibrating perspective will be the fodder that fuels your actions, and ultimately manifests into your reality.

Expecting Delight however, resides at the opposite end of this spectrum. It dwells in the possible, the potential, the intention and the dream. It’s the energy that flows with gladness and gratitude through the “can doer’s of the world”. It wants what you want. It shares your vision. Applauds your passion. Stokes your willingness. And rewards your hustling actions.

Expecting delight will serve us in ways beyond our imagination. Our “Hell Yes” attitude, truly felt from our core, translates into a deep confidence, a knowing; that it’s “Game On”, this is happening. The Universe simply loves a dreamer, a believer, and a hopeful hustler as a playmate and happily obliges by dispensing its benevolence and greasing the wheels of your manifestation. Doors open, opportunity knocks, the “we're here to help you” cavalry rides into town and shift (and good shit) begins to happen. Expect Delight appearances can be as simple as a timely parking spot to a life-long dream of a book deal. Your limits; are the ones you set for yourself.

So consider this your invitation to an “Expect Delight” challenge. Try it for a day, a week, or a lifetime.