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Lead With LOVE (Aquarius Full Moon)

August opens and closes with two full moons, making tomorrow nights’ full moon in Aquarius a supermoon. Together with a month-long Venus Retrograde, Lions Gate Portal on August 8th and lots of Leo energy abound it feels like there’s a lot of emphasis, illuminations and epiphanies around our values, our inner strength, our courage, what we’re choosing and what is possible if we lead from the heart.

Aquarius is expansive, esoteric, visionary, untapped potential, new world perspectives, intelligence beyond what is known and what is here. It’s connected to energy, vibrations, information, imagination, innovation and the vessels and expressions that carry it (our bodies, water, crystals, music etc.) Aquarius represents energetic systems, communications, new chapters and futures, hope, inspiration and visioning. It’s an energy that creates realities based on our emerging selves, that reflect our deepest truest desires, our healing, vibrational upgrades and all the ways in which we are evolving and expanding.

Aquarius highlights and amplifies our relationships with friends, community, humanity, the planet, and the interconnectedness of it all. We are supported and gifted an opportunity to imagine and create a new expression and experience of ourselves founded in the gold of what we’ve learned and integrated, where we have untangled, unsubscribed and healed. What we have shifted, transformed and redefined.

Even though we can often look out into the world and feel tired, hopeless, and fearful, disruption and change also invite us to imagine, innovate and integrate the pure possibility of us all.

History has always shown us that fear will divide us, and LOVE will unite us. Imagine the things we can do, the people we will become, the world we can create if we believed in ourselves, deeply cared for each other and our beautiful planet, honored the spirit in all of life, truly listened and followed the guidance of our oh so wise hearts.

We are all doing the best we can with what we know. No-one is above, better or below, behind the other. We each have our own mountain to climb and our own soul song to sing into being. Every micro shift we make on the inside ripples out into the macro shift of the world and our collective family. We ARE the hope, the change, the LOVE we want to see and experience in the world. Everything we could possibly need to begin choosing it is already here within us and all around us. Let us pay attention. Let us listen. Let us soften. Let us be kind. Let us eradicate judging, criticizing, othering, shaming, comparing and condemning. Let us begin to truly care, honor, tend and LOVE our selves so that we can be that for one another.

As we climb our mountains, let the songs in our hearts sing out into the world, uniting us all with the vibrational melody of LOVE as our true essence.

Also ... If you missed it, here's the link to a piece I shared around the invitation of Venus Retrograde.


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