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Rewrite Redefine Reclaim - Scorpio Moon Eclipse

One aspect of Scorpio Moon energy is associated with the depths of our unconscious, that sometimes feel like “mazes” or vaguely familiar aspects of ourselves that can’t quite be accessed, fully seen or made sense of (yet). This is a place where the past tends to dwell, where we bury things that are difficult for us to face, where wounding finds its roots, as well as the tangle of our secrets, shame, self-sabotage or even trauma.

Whilst I recommend seeking out the support of professional facilitators when working with deep wounding or trauma; for many years now, I have been intentionally working with the cycles of the full moons and eclipse portals as opportunities for personal growth and healing; by listening attentively to my body, closely following the intel of my intuition, and harnessing the cosmic energy that illuminate the aspects and areas of my life that are needing my attention and care.

Our deep inner work is rarely easy or comfortable and personal transformations require abundant amounts of patience, gentleness and compassion … but when we’re willing to show up for the work of uncovering the wisdom that our shadows behold, we give those aspects of ourselves an opportunity to be witnessed, embraced and integrated as crucial pieces of our inherent wholeness.

In the process of showing up for ourselves, shadows and all, several things begin to unfurl and shift. We honor ourselves deeply. We experience a radical new “upleveling” of self-love. We gain new appreciation of the miracle that is the wise somatic body we can consult for insights and guidance. We make sense of our patterns. We are reminded that each of us is doing the best we can with what we know and where we are at. We find a new sense of empowerment and safety within our courageous vulnerability and a centering around our beautiful healing.

When we begin to see our shadows as allies rather than enemies, we can redefine and alchemize them as fragments of ourselves that have not yet been brought into our awareness. The parts of ourself that are not yet free. Not yet reconciled. Not yet healed. Most importantly, we can harness our shadows as invitations to LOVE all of ourselves fully.

You deserve that full, whole and gorgeous level of LOVE that only you can give to your Self.

So … if you’ve been feeling the intensity of this eclipse portal and the upcoming Scorpio full moon, if certain themes from the past or familiar patterns have been circling the block for review, I invite you to join me in spending time conversing and getting to know these former ghosts, the stories they tell us and the way they make us feel. Get curious about where these stories come from. Are they even yours to carry … or were they passed onto you via the projections of societal, cultural, gender, generational, familial norms, beliefs and expectations? What can they teach you about yourself, your patterns, reactions, or coping mechanisms? How can they bring you closer to your own personal truths? Where can you release the burden of things that don’t feel supportive, uplifting, respectful, loving or true?

Scorpio represents fixed water (the depths of our emotions), a reflecting pool of sorts for the inner psyche. The Moon (our inner realm) at her fullest illumination reveals what has risen to the surface for us to see. Eclipse energy offer a boost of amplified energy (a neon light) that can be extremely helpful in leveraging profound epiphanies, breakthroughs, completing cycles, initiations, burning karma, breaking chains, emotional healing and transformation.

Pulling these threads out of the watery depths of our unconsciousness, into the light of our awareness, walking with them, journaling with them, naming them, inviting them to tea will help us to become familiar with and make sense of them, and over time … will lead us on to enjoying a deeper, more beautiful, intimate, loving relationship with our Self and ultimately with others.

If we are human, we are both shadow and light. In embracing ourselves fully we realize that no-one is excluded from this inherent duality. Fear comes from thinking that we are “less than” or wrong for having them and LOVE comes from embracing them. Our greatest source of light is gleaned from the dark.

Tools that can help us travel to the depths of ourselves are patience, a kind and loving heart, compassion and courage. Shadow hunting is the ultimate in self-love. It’s a choosing of all of oneself. A reclaiming. A calling back of all our power.

Connecting the dots is the bulk of the field study work in identifying the source of the suffering. Having compassion for what arises is a key component in healing and eventually in releasing our identification to past circumstances. Forgiveness is the ultimate prize we can bestow upon our heart and spirit.

Your past can be keys that inform and unlock your highest truths.

Your deepest fears can yield your destined gifts.

Your darkest corners can illuminate your greatest source of light.

Your suffering can be alchemized into your deepest healing.

Your vulnerability can be code for your reclaiming.

Your reactions can be clues to understanding your intrinsic needs.

Your attention and care can be the gateway to your sweetest liberation.

Our shadows are the sacred breadcrumbs that guide us home to LOVE.

Following are links to some favorite practices for reclaiming. Please let me know how they worked for you.

Choose one (if you have a few minutes or all (for a reset) of these simple poses for root chakra support. Try and stay in each pose for 5-7 minutes.

Lie down in a comfortable place that you love and where you won’t be disturbed (I sometimes listen to this laying down in the park, or under a tree for extra support and grounding). As you listen, imagine streaming white light down your spinal column from crown to root (base of your spine).

10 minutes to bring ease to difficult emotions.

Burning of dried bundles of herbs and flowers to dispel stagnancy, negativity, conflicts and energetic disharmony is one of my favorite ways to call back my power.

Rose Quartz Heart Healing Soak

Empty an entire bag of Epson Salts bath into running water (as hot as you can tolerate). Add essential oils of rose and rosemary if you have both. Add rose blooms or rose petals. Light candles. Take a piece of rose quartz crystal and soak ... placing the crystal on your heart. Invite the heated salt water to release any toxins and the vibration of LOVE to infuse your entire being with the truth of who you are … LOVE. When you feel complete, let out the bath water and bear witness to all that is not LOVE and not your truth release

Nature Rx.

Spend time in nature, paying particular attention to the reflecting light and the casting of shadows. Offer your completions, your difficulties, your tears to the setting sun. Go outside and declare your boldest dreams to the stars.

Sending such big love to your shadow hunting, your luminous hearts and your beautiful new becomings.

Jo xx


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