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Creating Sacred Space

The use of burning dried sage is an ancient Native American & Native African tribal custom used to dispel energetic disharmony, illness or conflict. I was inspired by my love of ceremony and harnessing nature as beauty and medicine, to plant an aromatic alchemy garden featuring wild herbs and flowers that would honor the heritage I was born into and the California land that has long captured my heart.

As much as I can, I plant, tend, harvest and bundle these incredible herbs and blossoms in alignment with the rhythm of the moon cycles, as a way to connect to and harness nature's invitation to live in sacred harmony.

Ensure your space is ventilated. Light the end of your dried herb bundle with a match, gently tamping out the flame & placing it into a heat-resistant container (I like to use an abalone shell to symbolize the element of water & the spirit of ocean), directing the smoke with your hand or a feather into all corners of your declared space. As you do this, visualize the smoke clearing away any disharmonious energy. You might like to call in a higher power that resonates with your ancestry, beliefs and practices. Alternatively, you can call upon the elements of nature or seasons, or perhaps a specific archetype, or Tarot card to support you.

The clearing/cleansing ritual is intended to elevate your Self and your environment from the everyday to the extraordinary. Once the space is cleared, allow the bundle to burn out of its own accord, or bury the charred remains into the earth as a symbol of completion. You can also perform this cleansing ritual for yourself, a loved one, your physical space, an object and of course, your crystals.

At this time you might like to declare any new intentions, do some journaling, meditate on what you'd like to invite more of into your life, or simply sit in the delicious stillness and immerse yourself in the energetic shift you just created.

Let your intuition guide you and enjoy discovering this Sacred aspect of you.

Fresh garden bundles of fragrant lavender, rosemary, sage and seasonal blooms are available via the online Shop. Each aromatic bundle is grown, harvested, embellished with an earthly treasure, infused with Reiki healing light and hand-tied with LOVE by yours truly.

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