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Abundance Ritual

“I Am A Creative Being & A Powerful Manifestor”

You might like to light a candle, pull a card, write an affirmation, gather some elements such as flowers, crystals, essential oils, that feel beautiful to you, journal, take a solo walk, run a bath or meditate as a way to prepare yourself for ritual.

Suggested Crystal Magic - Citrine (Feel free to use any other crystal that feels appropriate for you)

Sunny Citrine is considered a Crystal of pure abundance & an essential ally for artists, visionaries, & creative makers of the World.

It supports our Solar Plexus chakra (the area just below our bottom ribs, at the top of our abdomen), where we store the vital resources of our Sense of Self & Personal Power (our choices). Our will power, self-esteem & confidence emanate from this inner solar fuel. When our Solar Plexus energy is unbalanced we can feel "held back", uncertain or hesitant. When balanced we feel confident, vibrant & enjoy healthy boundaries.

Citrine stimulates our natural desire to be playful & promotes creative imagination & self-expression. It opens the gateway to the future, allowing one to see beyond the veil of “What Is” to the potential that dwells in the “What Could Be”. Citrine helps us to channel those possibilities into our personal creative zone & helps us “Raise it up & Make Manifest”.

Abundance responds to the beliefs opinions & stories we subscribe to & tell ourselves are true. We attract what we focus our intentions, attention & energy on. Feeling truly abundant in body, mind & soul will lay the foundation for health, love, joy, financial wellness, & fulfillment. One of the most common blocks we can have to receiving abundance is the belief that there is only so much of it to go around, or available to us.

When we limit ourselves, we attract limited abundance. When we think, feel, choose, speak or act from a place of lack, scarcity or "less than" it translates as anti-prosperity. Try asking for what it is you actually desire, versus settling, then back your actions with the confidence & trust that you are inherently worthy, deserved & grateful for the infinite benevolence of the Universe, which is always available to support our desires & needs.