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Eclipses - Portals To Your Potential

Eclipses are as a result of either the sun or the moon being temporarily hidden from view. They occur in pairs, typically 2 weeks apart, with a solar eclipse occurring at the New Moon phase and a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon phase, amplifying the energies of the corresponding zodiac sign.

They are powerful opportunities for clearing, aligning and transforming patterns, habits and the areas of our lives that disempower and diminish our potential, and extremely supportive for leveraging newfound awareness from our depths, profound clarity, breakthroughs, initiations, emotional healing and breaking chains.

Friday's full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus opened an energetic portal that will close with the new moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (December 3), offering a cosmic window in time to illuminate, prepare and radically support the next level of ourselves.

Themes around self-worth, what you value, your relationship with $$, material possessions, security, the home, your body, mother earth, wealth/power distribution, shadow work and reclaiming aspects of ourselves may arise during this time.

Full moon energy is rousing, primal, and stirs up our deep emotional waters. It activates and heightens our emotional and intuitive intelligence, and beholds an invitation to turn inwards, reflect on what is being shown to us, and opens a pathway back to our truth. When a lunar cycle is accompanied with an Eclipse, the energy is intensified. Aspects that have felt distorted, shadowy, or "just out of reach" are more apt to be flooded with clarity and light. Even though the energy can often feel uncomfortable, strange and bring up "all the things", I have also learned that fear is a natural reaction when faced with what we can't control or fully understand. But a willingness to "go there" leverages immense gold in terms of making sense of ourselves, offering resolution, reconciliation, healing, and a new way forward; equipped with a deeper understanding and new sight.

As the oh so wise and benevolent Maya Angelou so lovingly reminds us; "Do the best you can until you know better, Then when you know better, do better."

And so I tend to harness these portals as a choosing to slow down and pay close attention to what is being illuminated. To witness, investigate and process what is excavated. Any time we take to tend to our inner realm and sift through what is working and what is not, what is ours and what is not, what is aligned for us and what is not, brings us closer to our own truth and the pure golden essence of ourselves. This in turn, shifts our outer experiences and reality.

Helpful companions for engaging with eclipse energy often look like daily walks in nature, evening dry brushing, salt/sugar scrub showers or epsom salts baths, journaling, Tarot readings, gentle yoga, comforting meals, crystal Rx (water infusions and energy healing), lymphatic massage, a gratitude attitude, burn rituals, and most importantly a patient, gentle and compassionate holding of heart.

You are worthy and deserve to experience the very best of your own unique magnificence. You are the one you've been waiting for.

Sending you so much LOVE

- Jo x


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