Eclipses - How To Harness Their Energy To Elevate Your Own

Eclipses are as a result of either the sun or the moon being temporarily hidden from view. They occur in pairs, typically 2 weeks apart, with a solar eclipse occurring at the New Moon phase and a lunar eclipse at the Full Moon phase.

Eclipses offer an extra boost of amplified energy that have a way of highlighting our patterns, habits and the areas of our lives that are needing our attention and cooperation. And they can be extremely supportive for leveraging profound epiphanies, breakthroughs, initiations, emotional healing and transformations.

Currently, we are coming up on the midway point between a pair of lunar and solar eclipses. We can greet this cosmic portal as an ideal opportunity to notice, identify, name and release misalignments or those aspects of ourselves that don’t serve us. This energy will help us to “see” more and pick up on the subtle differences between what is ours and what is not.

We can start paying attention to what triggers, drains, angers, distresses, or disappoints us. What makes us feel vulnerable, resentful, blocked and hyper-vigilant. We can start to notice our patterns and stories and begin to question if they’re really a match for our personal truths.

We can notice where we react, defend, blame or attack in ways that don’t feel good to us or the projections we put onto others; especially those we love. We can get honest with ourselves about the ways we sabotage and abandon ourselves. We can have patience with ourselves. Be kinder, softer, more honoring with ourselves. We can begin a conversation with our heart that begins with curiosity and ends with LOVE. We can choose ourselves.

Choosing ourselves, in essence, translates to becoming our own beloved, our own dearest friend, mother, healer, wise counsel, guardian, and closest ally. We can harness the power of these eclipse bookends to support our personal shifts and expansion.

Use this window of time to let go of the things that don’t line up with whom you’re becoming.

Make room in your heart, in your homes, in your life to plant some new dream seeds … richer, purposeful, magical seeds. These are the dreams you truly deserve. These are the dreams that this world needs. These are the dreams that were planted deep inside your inner kingdom … that were made just for you.

In the Spiritual arena, there’s much talk about “letting it go,” releasing and shedding. But understanding what that means for you, and how to make it a practical process is talked about far less.

I’ve put together some ideas around clearing and cleansing your energy; tools that I’ve used to support my personal journey, that perhaps you’ll find helpful for harnessing Eclipse energy for breaking emotional patterns, ancestral recycling or non-serving habits and stories.

These suggestions are intended as inspiration for your own empowered tending. Please take only what resonates for you and leave the rest. For deeper work, especially around trauma, you may want to reach for professional support.

Emotional Energy:

Identify any past hurts or wounds. Do you feel betrayed or do you feel you have betrayed yourself or another? Do you sense that you may be carrying the energetic weight of unfinished business? Where do you feel the pinch of shame or guilt? What relationships drain you and can you engage in a different way (hello boundaries)? Judgement, negativity, criticism, perpetual indecision, fear, worry, anxiety, stress, and toxic relationships are examples of energetic vampires or entanglements.

Can we move away from self-harming emotional thoughts, beliefs, words and actions and move towards adopting more kindness, patience, forgiveness, compassion for our own human-ness? We may not have been taught or shown how to love, honor and respect ourselves, but we can also stop identifying with that story as a crux and begin to teach ourselves. You’re so worthy and deserved of your own LOVE.

A favorite ritual of mine for Releasing Emotional Patterns/Stories is what I call Phoenix Ritual; a process I use especially around a full moon and throughout an Eclipse season for pulling the thread of energy that is associated with the story, from the subconscious into the conscious mind. This ritual is for processing what is highlighted or currently illuminated on the surface of my awareness. You shouldn't have to go digging deep for this one, but rather focus on what is showing up in the present.

You'll need an outdoor setting, a notebook, pen, access to fire (or matches and a fireproof bowl), some dedicated solo time. Feel free to make this ceremony as sacred as you'd like, adorn your space with candles, flowers, crystals, essential oils etc.

Take some time to follow the trail of the behavior through all the places is shows up in your everyday life. They may show up as different expressions (with-holding, sabotage, anger, blame, defensiveness, etc.), but they will also be underpinned by a familiar emotional theme (eg. shame, guilt, loss, scarcity etc.). It's from these places that we begin to make meaning, identify and create stories from. Journal around the trail of breadcrumbs and journal around any patterns or sources you recognize. The purpose of this exercise is to get it out and onto the page.

Write down any themes or stories you arrive at onto a separate piece of paper.

Roll or fold the paper and set a match to it.

Sit and witness yourself setting these non-serving aspects on the fire for transmutation.

Bury the ashes into the earth.

Sit in the space you created within and give yourself any kindness that feels loving.

I like to drink lemon water and take an epson salt bath or salt-scrub shower after this ritual.

Wellness Energy:

In the busyness of “doing life” it’s easy to let Self-Care take a back seat. You will need to choose yourself, to acknowledge and believe your Self-Care and your wellbeing are a priority in order for practices to stick. There’s really no short cut (I’ve tried). Awareness around your resistance to taking good care of yourself is an important and illuminating conversation to have with yourself, and a great place to begin. A life-plan that includes a healthy diet, daily movement, sufficient rest, that is intentional, moderately paced and anchored in your life reality (not the ideals, expectations, judgement or expectations of others), include defined boundaries, and need to be supported by your investment in your Self. Putting yourself first doesn’t mean you stop caring for others, but you’ll discover that everything and everyone you do care for will benefit greatly from you showing up as your best.

Spiritual Energy:

Is there a soul knowing you’re ready to act on? Do you take time to nourish yourself? Do you trust your intuition? Is there something within you that is asking for your healing, or wanting to be expressed as a part of your life?

Can we move away from doubting, mistrusting or dimming our own magnificence?

Can we move towards being curious, deep listening and trusting our heart’s higher intelligence?

Any practices that include meditation, yoga, breath-work, gratitude, journaling, gardening, creativity, spending time in nature are all portals that connect you to your true Self. Keep showing up for your whole Self; Mind, Body, Spirit.

Environmental Energy:

“Have nothing in your home that you do not think beautiful or purposeful”. Regard your home, your workplace, your belongings, your environment with new eyes. Does it feed, serve, nourish, and delight you?

Clear away clutter, paperwork piles, pass along clothes that don’t make you feel amazing. Repair or recycle the broken, the unwanted and the unused. Finish projects, or release them. Donate. Sell online. Bring nature indoors with live, air-purifying plants. Consider working with the power of crystals to help support your home or workspace energy. After purging, cleanse your space with herbs, set intentions for how you wish your home to support your future. Identify what type of energy you want to call in and look for ways you can make it feel welcome.

Take one area, one drawer, one item, one loving breath at a time and devote yourself to clearing up your space to invite fresh air, new light, and new a new vibration to enter in.

Energy of Others:

Our relationships, our home, co-workers, the news, social media, the shows we watch, the books we read, all feed us in some measure, positively or negatively. Do your external sources nourish, inspire, support or elevate you in some way? Do they feel heavy or light? What business practices, what energetic ethics (yours and the businesses you support) feel out of date, or out of touch with a new evolving world?

Can we move away from comparing ourselves to others and embrace our own magic? Can we say “no thank you” to what doesn’t feel like a fit? Can we stop defending and explaining ourselves and create boundaries around our precious time and personal choices? Can we stop taking things personally and cultivate detachment from the projections of others? Can we be present for the wide-eyed wonder and tiny everyday miracles of the world? Can we be on the lookout for things we find beautiful, positive, joyful and life affirming, and can we take a moment to be present and grateful when we notice them (cultivating this practice will not only shift your energy but it will attract more beauty, positivity, joy and abundance into your life … we attract what is in our field).

Lastly, a simple way to clear your energy field is to bring your awareness to your heart’s center. In your minds eye, envision yourself opening up your crown chakra and imagine white light streaming down through your entire being. From above your head (your soul star chakra) streaming bright, white light all the way down into your feet and beyond, into the earth (your earth star chakra). Place all the resources you’ll need for your day inside this light bubble and draw an imaginary golden seal around your being. You can be your own energetic light beam. You can be your own heaven on earth.

Everything is energy. Be a clear loving container for benevolent goodness to move in and make a home in your heart and your life.

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