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Introducing The Empress

For the past three years now, I've been working closely with the archetype of the Empress (the Goddess of the Tarot’s Major Arcana journey) as an inspiring supportive guide on my personal journey.

The Empress symbolizes the epitome of “soft power”, and through connecting to her essence via my yoga, meditation and moon practices, she's been helping me to widen the circle of beholding a compassionate heart; both for myself and for all. She reminds me of my inherent need to routinely seek out, dwell and nourish myself through the wonder, beauty and bounty of nature. She’s a champion for teaching the art of receiving LOVE, reparenting the heart, and nurturing medicine for self healing. Her divine feminine wisdom continues to influence and shape the various areas of my life as a Mother, Creative, and LOVE Chooser.

And now ... The Empress is a physical vessel. Literally and figuratively manifested from an imagined dream seed into reality and planted in my life's garden. She’s a gorgeous and serene sanctuary, a welcoming retreat from the everyday world and a beautiful place to turn down the volume of the world and tune in.

I’m completely delighted and grateful to introduce her to you. For all that 2020 has brought to our hearts' door she feels like a “Gold Lining” gift in these challenging, yet radically transformative times.

With Big LOVE - Jo x


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